Osei Van Horne

Osei Van Horne, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

Osei Van Horne
Director, Founding Member
Wells Fargo Strategic Capital
Palo Alto, Calif.
Age: 39?

Growing up in a family of healthcare practitioners, Osei Van Horne expected to pursue a career in medicine. ?Early in my academic experience I was always curious about healthcare and its intersections with technology, finance and policy,? he explains. This curiosity led to internships with early-stage technology companies, the United States Congress and on Wall Street through his affiliation with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit that partners with leading investment banking, consulting, and private-equity firms to help underrepresented college students garner internship and training opportunities. ?The early exposure to investment banking and private equity as an intern, were pivotal in shaping my interests in pursuing a career as an investor,? Van Horne affirms.

At Wells Fargo, Van Horne and his partners manage an on-balance sheet investment vehicle that targets early and growth-stage technology companies. ?Often, these entrepreneurs are full of fire and determination, tackling big opportunities with few resources,? Van Horne says. ?Wells Fargo?s history of innovation, coupled with its size and scale are great value-drivers for both entrepreneurs and investment funds alike.?

Van Horne grows wistful over the scarcity of African-Americans in his field. ?There is a business case for diversity, so the dearth of minorities and women in the venture-capital industry is problematic,? he affirms. He supports a number of nonprofit and civic organizations committed to improving access to underrepresented communities in the tech ecosystem.

Van Horne enjoys spending time with his two-year-old daughter, and wife. ?I?ve been blessed to have such a loving family and supportive web of friends and colleagues, mentors and mentees,? he says.


First job: United States Senate
Favorite sports team: Toronto Raptors
Favorite charity:?Books for Kids Foundation