Oprah Winfrey Bids Farewell

OWNThis last week of Oprah Winfrey’s farewell?could be emotionally charged at her Harpo studio in Chicago where her shows are taped. Last week,?the queen of daytime TV?had lots of celebrities?come to?wish her well. Such bold names as Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan and Maria Shriver were there for the taping of Surprise Oprah, a farewell show, which aired May 23, and continued to May 24.

The departure of Oprah from daytime talk show?programming has the media world wondering who’ll succeed her or inherit her millions of her female viwers, with speculations centered on Katie Couric’s planned daytime talk show.

No matter, they won’t be like Oprah, who has had a hold on her?female audience for a quarter of a century.
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