Operating Small Businesses from Home

Blk home officeFor more than half of US entrepreneurs, the home and office are synonymous, according to the Small Business Administration. From start-up to established, small businesses operating from home are cost-effective both in time and money. However, to ensure that a home-based business is productive, smart organization is essential. Entrepreneurs should consider everything from the space to potential distractions when considering running a business from home.

To create a productive home-based business, the following questions should be addressed: How much space do I have? i.e. in the attic, garage, closet, living room, guest room etc.? What equipment would best fit in this space? i.e. desktop or laptop, all-in-one printer, phone, fax, desk, seating, etc.? What are the potential distractions? i.e. pets, neighbors, kids, (you and the TV). How will you meet with clients? Where and/or how will employees work?

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