Online Scheduling Tools For Better Organization

Online scheduling toolsOnline scheduling tools for a more organized business experience

Why should you use online scheduling tools? Well, if you don’t want to miss another meeting, a deadline or someone else’s birthday but you absolutely hate using the old and trusted file-o-fax, then you should consider getting one of these online tools to make your life a little easier. These tools are quite useful when scheduling one-on-one appointments, team meetings and group gatherings. They can also be used for booking business opportunity meetings and home parties as well.
Some Great Online Scheduling Tools to Consider
If you want to see how such an online tool can help you organize your schedules and appointments, here are some great options that you may want to consider:
Doodle is an online task scheduler that allows users to organize an event or a meeting at a time that is most convenient for most attendees. By using Doodle, you can create an online poll to know your invitees’ availability. It also offers a “MeetMe” feature which can help you outline your free time with your meeting partners. Doodle works with most online calendars and contact systems so you can expect it to work seamlessly with your Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook accounts.?
BookFresh can best be described as a more modern approach to the traditional appointment book. It facilitates easy online appointment scheduling, notifies users of new schedules via email, SMS or phone call and reminds clients of their scheduled meetings. It even submits your business information to Google and Yahoo to help you grow your client base. In addition, you can embed it on your business website to allow your visitors to schedule an appointment and pay directly on your site in real-time.
GenBook is a full-featured online scheduling tool that can help you schedule and finalize meetings online in real-time. GenBook provides comprehensive customer data and booking history, improves the online visibility of your business and keeps your business socially connected. It also reduces no-shows by requiring your clients to submit valid credit card numbers.?
Meet-o-Matic is the world’s simplest meeting scheduler. With this tool, all you have to do is set a name for the event, select a number of dates and provide a valid email address. You will then receive a link that you can forward to your invitees. After all your invitees have replied, Meet-o-Matic will provide you with the best dates to schedule your meeting. Does it get any easier than that?
With such online scheduling tools at your disposal, you’ll surely make running your business and personal life a lot less complicated.