Online Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

online productivity, increase productivity, online productivity toolsOnline Productivity Tools Can Help Increase Operational Efficiencies of Small Businesses

When it comes to becoming more efficient at work, most of us are always looking for ways to improve. ?There are many tools, applications and online services that can help us become more efficient while spending less time at the office. Here are just a few small business tool recommendations that you can use to become better organized, more efficient, and more productive while you are working at your desk.

Back Up Your Work

When you are working online, you always want to have your work available with you no matter where you are. The best way you can achieve this is by backing up your work. When you back up your work online, you will have your files no matter where you go as long as you have a connection to the Internet. These days, with WIFI located everywhere you go, that should be simple enough. Popular tools of choice for this task would be MOZY or DROPBOX. Both are easy to use and work great with all sorts of portable devices.

Bookmarking Important Websites

Have you ever come across an article that you thought would be very useful for you to use in a meeting or perhaps when you are preparing for a presentation? The only problem may be that the meeting or presentations is still a couple of weeks away and you don?t need the article that exact minute. Simply bookmark or tag the article using a site like Delicious, Diigo, or Evernote. The best part about using these sites versus using your favorite tabs is that you don?t need to have your personal computer with you to get the page you saved. ?

Keep Track of Your Documents

When it comes to turning your work in on time, there are a lot of good small business tools that you can use to make sure you are on track both at the office and when you are away from the desk. Many people use Google to search the Internet, but did you know that Google Docs gives you access to spreadsheets, drawing and form tools, presentation forms and a word processor? ?All of this is free of charge and because it is with Google, you know they will be always adding updates and more tools to use. There is also Zoho which provides a lot of different apps for use from a presentation builder, email, document creations, wiki builder, content management, and much more. ?