Online Job Boards: Do They Work?

JOb BoardsInternet Job boards should be included on your list of job hunting sources.

When you’re first starting to look for a job, your instinct may be to head toward some of the websites with the biggest names. You know what they are, and they’re the huge job boards online that post thousands of open positions each day. Although more people get hired through personal connections and networking and internal applications directly with a company, you should never discount the online job board as a source of possible employment. The positions posted there are real ones, and you can use several strategies to give yourself the best chance of finding success in the time you spend on a job board.

Increase Your Chances for Hire by Focusing on Job Boards Within Your Niche!

Target Your Resume: In addition to posting your general resume for employers and recruiters to find through the job board, you should also target your resume for the specific positions to which you are applying. Each employer is looking for something different, so rather than just sending along your generic resume, look over it and take the time to highlight your skills and experience that are most relevant for the position. You’ll have a much better chance of getting a second look if you do this rather than just sending off the same resume to every single position.

Consider Applying Through the Company Website: Although the job search board lists the position, it’s often cross-posted on the company website as well. Rather than applying through the job search board, head over to the company’s website to learn more about the company and look for the position listed there. The company will often post more information about the position on its own site than on the job board, which gives you a leg up on knowing what the company is looking for. In addition, you can submit your application through the company’s website to show that you have actually been to the site and looked it over.

Set Up Targeted Searches: You can spend countless hours digging through positions posted on the Internet based job boards, but the vast majority of them are irrelevant to your background and career goals. Instead of searching positions yourself, set up saved searches for specific characteristics you’re looking for, including position title, pay range, location, and keywords in the job description. Most job boards will send you an email on a regular basis showing you any new job postings that meet your criteria. Then you can just browse through those postings and dig deeper into the ones that best capture your attention. You will save a lot of time and still find the most relevant positions.

Don’t Expect the Internet Job Board to Be Your Golden Ticket!

You should not restrict your employment search to job boards online, even though people do get hired through them, particularly for lower level positions and jobs in specific industries, including IT. Make the most of every application you send in by spending the time and attention each position deserves. In addition, make sure to be using other methods to look for jobs, such as networking, spending time on LinkedIn, and contacting hiring managers at the companies you would love to work for.

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