Online Invoicing Apps: What Can They Do for Your Business?

Why should you use online invoicing apps for your business?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider using online invoicing solutions for your business. Whether you are a business owner or a freelancer, these nifty solutions can help improve the productivity of your business. Specifically, a good online invoicing system can help you:

  • Provide greater customer satisfaction. By using online invoicing solutions and apps, your customers will have reduced wait times, gain immediate online access, and enjoy a more delightful overall experience.
  • Generate savings. These apps can reduce employees? time researching and responding to customer inquiries regarding their invoices. And since you don?t have to send printed copies of invoices and receipts to your customers, you can keep printing and postal costs at a bare minimum.
  • Reduce errors. Automating the invoicing system significantly reduces the amount of errors committed.
  • Provide valuable insights. Your invoicing data can reveal a lot of significant insights. By examining your data, you can see which of your customers are consistently updated in paying their invoices and how much a particular online payment portal is charging you. It can also help you spot any irregularities or issues.
  • Boost your brand image. Online invoicing apps help you provide clean, uniform, and standardized invoices to your clients. Needless to say, this can give your brand a boost.
  • Empower customers. With an online invoicing system in place, you are also empowering your customers to do certain actions without requiring the help of support personnel. They can pay current invoices and make advance payments, upgrade or downgrade services or order new services, review project expenses and print missing receipts. Your customers can also make comments, leave feedback and/or ask questions using the system.

Invoicing Solutions for Small Businesses
Here are some of the best online invoicing apps perfect for small businesses? and freelancers? use:

  • ? a cloud accounting application that you can access anytime, anywhere in the world. This free app allows users to manage and track invoices from a single dashboard, send and receive unlimited invoices using Android or iOS devices and accept online credit card payments. The app also offers automatic and recurring payment features.
  • Wave accounting ? another free cloud-based invoicing application that allows users to send invoices through email, accept online credit card payments and track partial payments and overdue invoices.
  • FreshBooks ? the leading cloud accounting app for small businesses. This app allows you to send and receive invoices all over the world, and accept credit card payments through PayPal,, 2Co, Google Checkout and several other payment gateways. It also features recurring and automated invoices, late payment reminders, timesheet tracking for employees and expense reporting.

Manual invoicing is a thing of the past so start using online invoicing apps for your business and experience the difference it makes.