Obama Walks New Orleans Streets, Says City ‘Moving Forward’

New OrleansFrom Yahoo:

Walking door to door in a city reborn after tragedy, President Barack Obama says New Orleans is moving forward a decade after Hurricane Katrina. He offered the city as an example of what can happen when people rally to build a better future after suffering a devastating blow.

The president’s first stop on a visit marking the storm’s 10th anniversary was Treme, one of the oldest black neighborhoods in America and an area that experienced significant flooding during Katrina. A cheering crowd welcomed him to an area where homes inundated by the storm have been rebuilt.

As the president went from house to house, he chatted with residents, calling out, “How you doing?” and, “We appreciate you.”

Reflecting on the improved surroundings, Obama declared, “The fact that we can make this many strides 10 years after a terrible epic disaster, I think, is an indication of the kind of spirit we have in this city.”

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