Obama Visits Africa, Promotes Investing in the Continent

Obama in AfricaAs the world waits for Nelson Mandela?s health to improve, President Barack Obama is on a weeklong trip visiting several African nations. Yesterday while in Senegal, the president discussed trade opportunities, progress and China?s interest in expanding trade and commerce.

?I see this as a moment of great promise and great progress for the continent,? Mr. Obama said. ?All too often, the world overlooks the amazing progress that Africa is making.?

He continued, ?China?s paying a lot of attention to Africa,? Mr. Obama said in his news conference. ?Brazil, Turkey, India are heavily invested in trying to expand trade and commerce with Africa.?

Amid cheers and signs that read, ?Welcome Home, Mr. President,? he went on to describe the U.S. Supreme Court?s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act as a ?victory for American democracy? and urged African nations and the Senegalese government to provide equality for homosexuals.?????

The trip marks his second visit to Africa. His first was in 2009 when he visited Ghana.

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