Obama v. Cain?

Herman CainAmerica has elected a Black Democrat for president. Will the voters go for a Black Republican next time around? Herman Cain thinks so.??

The former?pizza chain CEO is thinking about putting his hat in the ring next presidential election. ??

“I?m still prayerfully considering whether or not I will launch a presidential campaign. I am getting closer and closer to that decision,” reveals Cain. “I would run because I believe it?s about the grandchildren. It?s important for us to preserve the American Dream for generations to come. This means lowering taxes and limiting government to create conditions that will provide for the greatest amount of opportunity for them.”??

The Republican Party, particularly in Iowa, seems to be urging Cain to run. He has become a favorite of conservative activists influenced by the tea party movement. And for them, the fact that Cain has never held a public office is not a bad thing. The fact that he ran a mega corporation is a plus. ??

“The response has exceeded our expectations. The grassroots support, especially in early primary and caucus states, has been great,” says Cain. “People are really appreciating the message of ?common sense solutions? that focus on our nation?s needs of stability and growth.”??

From Atlanta, the 65-year-old Cain did run for a seat on the U.S. Senate in Georgia and was unsuccessful.?But his business track record is exceptional. After holding various executive positions (at such companies as the Coca-Cola Company and Pillsbury), he became part-owner of the Godfather’s Pizza restaurants. After leaving the company in 1996, he has?worked as host of a radio program in Atlanta.??

Cain, who earned his degree in mathematics from Morehouse College in 1967 and his?master?s degree program at Purdue University, worked full-time as a mathematician at the Department of the Navy. ????

Cain is confident that if he decided to run, people will look past him being a “Black” GOP candidate, despite all the criticism Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has experienced. Says Cain, “Most people in America today focus on an individual?s ?content? and ?character?. I trust that if I choose to run, they will judge me based on my vast business background, my proven record of leadership and my policies for a better tomorrow.?