Obama Re-election Team Unveils Its New Video

Obama: ForwardPresident Barack Obama?s re-election team has launched a new video that highlights the President?s accomplishments since taking office in 2009.

Titled ?Forward?, the campaign’s new slogan, the video focuses on the numerous ways in which the Obama administration has made a bad situation better. The video opens with images of former President George Bush while the narrator reads off a checklist of incidents that underscored the dire economic state the nation was in while he was still in office: ?Dow plunges 778 points???190,000 jobs lost in May 2008? ??Foreclosures spike 112 percent?. Economists called it, ?The worst financial collapse since The Great Depression?.

The screen then fast-forwards to 2009 on President Obama?s Inauguration Day and then gets on with the business of touting milestones and illustrating how the Republicans became known as ?the Party of no.??

The opening is a brilliant move by the Obama camp; it is a clear reminder to Americans that President Obama inherited a bleak situation and worked – with little cooperation from the Republicans across the aisle ? to make things better.

Optimistic yet realistic about the country?s current state, the President said towards the end of the video, ?I believe America is on the way up?.??

The Republicans, of course, jumped on the negative train to find criticism with the video. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) claims that President Obama was wrong to include the killing of Osama Bin Laden as a victory of his time spent in office. The Washington Post?s Jonathan Capehart wrote a response to the criticism citing the hypocrisy on the GOP?s part. Capehart points to a response written by Mike Lupica of The New York Daily News: ?Imagine what the cheering from the other side would have been like if it had been Bush who made the call on Bin Laden.????


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