Obama raises Russia election flaws with Medvedev

WASHINGTON (AP) ? The White House says President Barack Obama has raised questions about Russia’s disputed elections in a phone call with President Dmitry Medvedev (dih-MEE’-tree med-VYEH’-dyev).

Obama also welcomed Medvedev’s commitment to investigate the allegations of problems with the elections, and he praised the response of Russian authorities in allowing demonstrations to occur throughout Russia. Obama told Medvedev that it’s an “expression of civil society” that is consistent with Medvedev’s goal of modernizing Russia.

A fraud-tainted parliamentary vote Dec. 4 has sparked the largest public outpouring of anger that Russia has seen in a generation.

According to an account from White House press secretary Jay Carney, the discussion between the two leaders occurred Friday when Obama spoke with Medvedev to congratulate him on an invitation to join the World Trade Organization.