Obama Issues Warning to Small Businesses Regarding Gov’t Shutdown

Gov't shutdownUnited States President Barack Obama declared that the ongoing government shutdown would have devastating ramifications for small businesses if it continues any longer. He condemned the recklessness of House Republicans, and expressed concern for the Americans that may ultimately bear the financial burden of the entire ordeal. Specifically, Obama cautioned that the shutdown would drain resources from small businesses, which could hamper the economic recovery.

The nation’s leader used M. Luis Construction as a platform to deliver his pointed remarks. Flanked by the owners of this family-run firm, Obama warned that uncertainty about federal paychecks would trickle into the private sector by depriving small businesses of crucial government contracts. The president lauded them as an American success story, and he implored House Speaker John Boehner to stop impeding economic progress.

The embattled Republican legislator is in an unsavory position. An ultra-conservative caucus has formed within his party, and he has been unwilling to buck them on dire issues. The Tea Party sect in Congress has refused to support any discretionary spending bill that does not contain revisions to The Affordable Care Act, which is Obama’s signature legislative achievement. The two issues are not normally tied together, but Boehner has not budged from his demands to repeal federally mandated health insurance.

Until Congress reaches a resolution that Obama can sign, many crucial government organizations are going to be closed for business. This includes the Small Business Administration, which is responsible for processing company loans. Their operations have been halted, and many small businesses are being deprived of the capital they need. M. Luis Construction was one of many companies that were saved by these loans during the economic crisis. Without this protective system intact, struggling companies will inevitably fail; however, Obama noted that Boehner could get the government running again, “in five minutes.”

All he has to do is hold a vote on the Senate’s six-week funding initiative; instead, he is blocking the vote to preserve this dangerous stalemate.

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