Obama gets limelight after day of crisis watching

CANNES, France (AP) ? President Barack Obama is stepping into the limelight after a day of economic summitry focused on Europe.

After the Group of 20 economic summit wraps up in Cannes, France, on Friday afternoon, Obama planned to take questions from reporters. He also was taping a joint interview with French President Nicolas Sarkozy (sar-koh-ZEE’) to air on two French television channels. Aides are billing the appearance as an important show of allegiance to a fellow head of state facing a tough re-election next year.

The European debt crisis caused by Greece’s precarious financial condition continues to roil markets and unsettle major economies. The situation has dominated meetings of the 20 top industrialized and developing economies.

In Cannes, Obama is pushing an overarching theme of economic stability and job growth.