Obama Chastises Congress in the State of the Union Address

Obama UnionPresident Obama laid out his administrative plan for the United States in the state-of-the-union address last week and was succinct in directing much of his statement at Congress. Citing a need for action from Congress to help stimulate the economy by improving the employment outlook for the upcoming year, Obama chastised the legislature for “do-nothing” obstructionism and instructed them to “send me a bill.”

President Obama has acknowledged during his term that he accepts the blame that voters tend to assign to a sitting president, even though the president has little impact on the economy. It is apparent that legislation will be necessary to spark the economy beyond the current growth rate. This impetus will have to come from Congress in the form of an appropriated work program.

President Obama also took the opportunity to stress the need for a better-trained workforce through educational funding programs that many students need to achieve employment success, including an increase in the number students pursuing educations in science and mathematics. Contemporary technological advances are requiring a workforce that is much more knowledgeable than in previous generations.

The need for a post-secondary education has never been greater, though many members of Congress have suggested legislation that drastically reduces or eliminates the current funding avenues. Using the opportunity of addressing the nation as a platform to connect employment with education, Obama stressed the idea of enhancing educational funding in a manner that reduces student debt. This is also needed because of the current financial situation many young professionals are experiencing as they struggle to repay educational loans. ? ? ?