Obama Battles Right-Wing Critics

Obama Battles Right-WingersThe big fight between the Republicans and the Obama administration enters a critical point this week, with a number of Supreme Court decisions that could have an impact all the way to the November elections. It started on Monday with the Court ruling that gutted Arizona’s intrusive immigration law that has prompted especially Latino immigrants to flee the state.

The Court threw out provisions of the law that would have required all immigrants to carry immigration registration papers, allowed police to arrest anyone they suspected of being an illegal immigrant without having a warrant, and made it a criminal offense for an illegal immigrant to look for or hold a job.

However, the Court green-lighted the so-called “show me your papers” part of the law that requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they detain if there is “reasonable suspicion” that they are in the country unlawfully. Still, the justices said police can only detain such as immigrant for a short period of time and must seek permission from the federal government. In other words, federal supervision will still be needed.

Moreover, the Court prohibited police from arresting people on minor immigration charges and said the “show me your papers” law can still be regulated if it is found to be discriminatory in implementation or practice.

The immigration ruling was just a set-up for the big decision on the health care law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama two years ago. That decision, expected on Thursday, is what Republicans and their allies believe would be a major blow for the Obama administration.

Along the way, the Republicans have scheduled a partisan vote of contempt on Thursday against Attorney General Eric Holder for no justifiable reason. Their evil aim is to embarrass President Obama. They have been going after Obama and Holder for three years with a partisan zeal because they just can’t stand two Black men leading this country.

They have already made it difficult for Obama to pursue any good policy to revive the economy. The main goal is to defeat Obama in November and they will stop at nothing, however outrageous, to achieve their goal.