NYC School Contractors Begin Classes at CCNY in Harlem as SCA and NobleStrategy Launch New Educational Initiative

    NYC School Contractors Begin Classes at CCNY in Harlem as SCA and NobleStrategy Launch New Educational Initiative

    Program Targets Minority, Women-Owned and Locally-Based Enterprises

    NEW YORK April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Kathleen Grimm, Deputy Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, and Lorraine Grillo, President of the NYC School Construction Authority (SCA) on April 4 joined with public and private sector leaders to launch the SCA’s Advanced Mentor Training Program, a new training initiative for Minority, Women-Owned and Locally-Based Enterprises (M/W/LBEs) who are currently participating in the SCA’s Mentor program. NobleStrategy, a construction management and training firm, in partnership with City College of New York (CCNY), is managing the year-long program, which provides courses for up to 80 contractors at the Harlem campus.

    “The SCA’s mentor program is nationally renowned for its innovative public-private partnership, but today it has reached a new plateau,” said Grimm. “In government it is rare that you can select and develop long-term relationships with your partners, but that is exactly what the program allows the city to accomplish.”

    Joining Grimm and Grillo for the program’s launch were: Jacques DeGraff, SCA Diversity Board, Chairperson; William S. Parrish, Jr., NobleStrategy, President & CEO; Karen Witherspoon, CCNY, Vice President, Government/Community Affairs; Craig Collins, SCA. Vice President, Administration; Ross J. Holden, SCA, Vice President/General Counsel; and George Toma, SCA, Vice President, Construction Management.

    “We fund this program because it makes sense economically for the City of New York and it makes sense for the SCA,” said Grillo. “But just as important is the fact that it is the right thing to do. It is in everyone’s best interests to increase the ability of contractors to continue to thrive in a business environment once they graduate out of the Mentor Program.”

    Designed for contractors in the SCA’s four-year mentor initiative, participants in the Advanced Mentor Training Program include construction professionals who have completed the first two years of the program. NobleStrategy and CCNY manage the Advanced Mentor Training Program in partnership with URS Corporation.

    “The Advanced Mentor Training Program is a truly unique educational initiative, a first for the SCA and CCNY,” said Parrish. “These 80 contractors are now not just business owners, but students as well. They will be different from the other CCNY students in that they are also managing a business. They are here to learn to earn and to help ensure their continued success when they graduate from the mentor program.”

    The program consists of six training modules, including Project Management, Financial Management, Safety Management, Legal Affairs, Organizational Management and Leadership Skills. The contractors started spring classes on April 7.

    Contractors who participate in the SCA’s four-year mentor program will achieve:

    • Experience working on SCA projects;
    • Technical assistance and training;
    • General business, organizational and personnel skills development;
    • Marketing and business development;
    • Fast track payment systems; and
    • Access to working capital and bonding

    A key component of the program is that it targets smaller construction contracts ? typically ranging from $80,000 to $750,000 ? for M/W/LBE participation. The SCA hires construction managers not only to ensure that all projects are completed safely, on time and within budget, but also to mentor and provide technical assistance to participating firms.

    About the New York City School Construction Authority

    The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) was established by the New York State Legislature in December 1988 to build new public schools and manage the design, construction and renovation of capital projects in New York City‘s more than 1,200 public school buildings.

    SOURCE NobleStrategy