Nubiaa Shabaka, J.D.

Nubiaa Shabaka, Morgan Stanley

Nubiaa Shabaka, J.D.
Global Head of Cybersecurity Legal; North America Head of Privacy and Data
Protection Legal; Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

New York, N.Y.

Age: 39??

As a child, Nubiaa Shabaka felt the embrace of community when her elementary school teacher taught her how to style her hair. Shabaka?s busy, single mother wore her own hair in braids and used African headwraps. ?Hair,? says Shabaka, ?was not a priority. This invaluable lesson of kindness, and knowing there was a community outside of my family with my best interest at heart, further enhanced my pride and confidence. It strengthened my resolve and made me always remember to give back to others, as we never know what small things can impact the trajectory of one?s life.?

Shabaka is the global head of Cybersecurity Legal, North America head of Privacy and Data Protection Legal, and an executive director at Morgan Stanley. She handles Internet and information technology matters, such as mobile initiatives and social media. She serves on the board of the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts. ?I was born and raised in Brooklyn, which is where MoCADA is based. I was raised in a very Afrocentric family that included immense exposure to African art and family trips to Africa,? Shabaka notes. ?Additionally, my mother always stressed education as an equalizer. I find serving on the MoCADA board rewarding ? the perfect balance of a nonprofit using art to educate and incite dialogue on pressing social and political issues facing the African Diaspora in underserved communities of color in Brooklyn and beyond.?

A graduate of Harvard Law School and New York University where she obtained a bachelor?s degree in political science, Shabaka chaired Morgan Stanley?s Legal and Compliance Division?s diversity pipeline initiative for several years. She is a mentor in her community and helps underserved youth to attend The Fresh Air Fund.


Favorite book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
First car: Lexus
Favorite comedian: Chris Rock