Non Toxic and Natural Home Cleaning Solutions

all natural cleaning solutionsYou don’t have to use harmful chemicals to make your home squeaky clean. Try these all-natural solutions, home cleaning solutions instead.

Chemical-based, commercial cleaning products are bad for both the environment and your wallet. These easy-to-make alternatives are all natural, inexpensive and can safely be used in place of commercial products to make your house shine, so get ready to embrace natural living and get cleaning!

All-Natural Home Cleaning Solutions for the Kitchen

Clean your oven by spreading a thick paste of ? cups baking soda, ? cup warm water and ? cup of salt throughout the interior. Let it sit overnight, then wipe clean.

Disinfect counters with a mixture of 4 teaspoons of vinegar, 3 cups of hot water and 2 teaspoons of borax. Spray on your counters, then wipe off with a sponge or cloth for an eco-friendly, clean kitchen.

To clean your sink drain, mix four liters of hot water with ? cup of salt. Pour it down the drain to break up deposits of soap and wash away any debris.

Deodorize your plastic food storage containers by soaking them in baking soda and warm water overnight. If your garbage disposal is smelly, freshen it by grinding orange or lemon peels in the unit.

Forget using expensive, chemical-laden dish soaps. Instead, make an all-natural version with equal parts washing soda and borax. For tough jobs, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Cleaning the Bathroom Naturally

Banish bathroom mold by soaking grout with a mixture of two parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit for one hour, then rinse it off.

Make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing ? cup baking soda with ? cup vinegar and 2 liters of water. Spray it on bathroom chrome fixtures, mirrors, windows, counters and shower stall panels to remove water deposit stains and make the whole room shine.

Clean the toilet with an all-natural mix of 1 cup vinegar with ? cup baking soda. Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl, then let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. You can also use a mixture of one part lemon juice and two parts borax.

Cleaning Solutions for the Whole House

Clean windows by cleaning them with 2 teaspoons of white vinegar mixed with 1 liter of warm water. Use crumpled black and white newspapers to remove the solution and leave behind a streak-free shine.

Polish varnished wood furniture by adding a few drops of lemon oil to one cup of warm water and wiping it off with a soft cotton cloth. Unvarnished wood furniture can be cleaned with a combination of lemon and olive oil.

Get rid of tough carpet stains by spraying on a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes, then clean the area with a sponge or brush.

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