Empire State Medical Association Recommendations to Help Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health in New York

? Enact legislation to ensure mandatory cultural competency for all physicians and health-care workers in New York State.
? Eliminate health maintenance organizations. HMO concepts of referral use and capitation discourage the physician-patient encounter and delay and decrease? access to health care, resulting in the closing of many hospitals and physician offices in New York.?
? Enact legislation to make health care a basic human right, not a privilege.
? Ban alcohol and tobacco ads in New York City.
? Create and enhance preventive public service announcements and public health education protocols.

? Repeal the New York Medicaid cuts for health care for patients with dual eligibility with Medicare.
? Provide special tax breaks?such as no property tax on home or office and a 50 percent discount on state and city taxes?for physicians who open their primary practices in poorer, underserved neighborhoods.
? Implement tort reform with caps on malpractice awards.
? Ensure that all local New York medical schools and hospitals immediately enforce nondiscriminatory laws by recruiting underrepresented Black and Hispanic
physicians, medical students and health personnel.