New touchscreen BlackBerrys to launch in Aug.

NEW YORK (AP) ? Research In Motion is unveiling five new BlackBerrys with touchscreens, as it hopes to revive the line’s dwindling appeal in the face of competition from the iPhone and Android smartphones.

The new phones had been expected earlier this year, but were delayed. Those delays have weighed heavily on Research In Motion Ltd.’s stock price, which is at its lowest level since 2006.

RIM, which is based in Waterloo, Ontario, is updating its high-end Bold models to include touchscreens. It’s also launching two Torch models with no physical keyboards.

The phones run a new version of the BlackBerry operating system, which RIM says run much faster.

AT&T Inc. said it would launch one of new Torch models this month, and another Torch and Bold model later this year.