New Professional Me: How to Reinvent Yourself

Career adviceAdmit it. Every now and then you feel like getting a career makeover. If it was only as easy as going to the hair salon for a new cut. But it isn’t as hard as you might think.

“Whenever you find yourself stuck in a career, this feeling on disconnection is your heart telling you that there is no more room where you are right now to grow, and that there is something even more fulfilling that your heart desires. This is a vital opportunity to tune in with your heart and listen to what it is calling you towards,” explains life design strategist/success coach Ari Squires.

When you start on your journey of reinvention, listen to your heart. “Your heart is always guiding you towards what is truly right for you. It shares powerful desires with you that will lead you to experience more of what you love to do,” notes Squires. “Most of us either ignore these desires, or we don?t follow them because our mind, beliefs and stories places limitations upon them and we feel a shift or transition isn?t possible or right for us. Listen to your inner guidance.”

Sometimes change can be scary. But in order to revamp your career you might have to take some risk and step out of your comfort zone. ?If you accept this you won’t be afraid of change. “Reinvention does not have to be a scary process. It?s actually the opposite as you follow your passions and move into new possibilities. Release the chains so that you can get over the risk and see the possibilities. Simply say yes to the feeling and commit to following it. You do not need to know how everything is going to unfold, right away. ?Know that in the end you are laying the foundation for more growth,” explains Squires.

Now you’re ready to make some moves. Think about what your strengths are. These are the areas you will want to tap into. “What unique qualities and transferable skills have you acquired that are of value that you can take with you. Which are you good at and enjoy? Write them down and get reacquainted with them. How will you use them moving forward, and how will these help you come to the conclusion of your next move? As you are writing them down, be sure to list the skills you absolutely love first and enjoy doing the most. Use these assets and natural talents in declaring your next move,” says Squires.

Even in reinvention it is important to be true to yourself and your principles. “Don?t make any career decisions that you think others want you to make. ?Clear your mind of judgment and acceptance and realize that reinvention is for you, not to appease those around you. Be your own cheerleader and you won?t lose yourself. You?ll get lost looking for acceptance,” suggests Squires.

Analyzing your career and prepare strategies your next moves is a must–always. “Reinvention is critically important for our personal development in this rapidly changing business world. Markets change, businesses change. People must too,” says Squires. “Reinvention is where you leave your mark. If you want to stay ahead of the game and stay afloat, as well as be fulfilled and happy with your life, reinventing yourself is a must rather than settling for comfort and living an unfulfilled life. Reinvention is not just the improvement to a new career, it is also the improvement of your overall being.”