New Jawbone Up4 Fitness Tracker

jawboneTRAVIS BOGARD WANTS to get the obvious out of the way up front. Not five minutes after we sit down in a small conference room in Jawbone?s office in San Francisco, he says yes, he knows it took a long time to produce an Up3 that was ready for the masses.

When Jawbone?s designers and engineers built prototypes of its powerful new fitness tracker they were waterproof to 10 meters.

This was big news, and Jawbone proudly proclaimed the spec when it announced the band in November. But when its manufacturing partner started mass-producing the new bracelet, what came out of the factory just wasn?t passing the test.

After months of tweaking the designs and production processes, Jawbone gave up?the new Up3 isn?t waterproof, but rather water-resistant.

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