New African-American Fragrance Company Debuts Men’s Scent

Man smiling in a blue suit
Bruce Hardnett, founder & CEO, Get it Right

Black entrepreneurs have entered several areas of the beauty industry — from offering hair products to cosmetics. But one area there still are very few Black entrepreneurs is the fragrance sector. Two men from The Bronx, NY, hope to change this. Bruce Hardnett and Jason Crawford have launched a new men’s fragrance line called “Get Right.”


To bring awareness to the brand’s signature fragrance, “Clean Team,” and to promote positive images of Black men in the media, Get Right has also launched the social media campaign #CleanTeamGlobal.


Get Right was founded in 2019 by CEO Hardnett, while the signature scent, Clean Team, was developed by the brand’s managing partners including Crawford.


Man smiling in a burgundy suit
Jason Crawford


Hardnett also drew from his musical background to develop their Real Writers Media (RWM) platform, another extension of their brand. RWM provides commercial jingles, advertising, and logo branding for corporations and small business clients — including promotional efforts for their Get Right launch.


Hardnett and Crawford talk about Get RIght and its future. What made you want to go into the fragrance business?

Bruce Hardnett: The opportunity to embark on entrepreneurship by establishing ownership and creating a brand was too good to resist. In my past experience working in retail, I got to see the value and the money generated within the fragrance industry.


As a collector of fragrances, I had a vision of creating my own scent and bringing it to retail. One day, I noticed that there was only one Black-owned company in my collection, which was Unforgivable by Sean John. I realized at that point that there were opportunities for more Black-owned fragrances. Looking at my previous situation and the trials and tribulations I was dealing with working for a company, I decided to turn that negative energy and invest in building a fragrance brand. How did you come to work together?

Bruce Hardnett: After conducting a lot of research on starting a fragrance company, I realized it would take a lot of work and capital to get to the company off the ground. I reached out to my childhood friends who supported me throughout the years and pitched them the idea. We grew up together in the Bronx and go way back. They were excited and supportive because it was unique, and no one that we knew of was thinking about creating a fragrance line. It was a chance to build a formidable fragrance brand as a team. The saying goes that friends and business are a bad mix, how do you make it work?

Jason Crawford: We have respect for each other’s ideas and visions for the brand. Each man contributes their input for the betterment of the business. It is essential to know your roles within the company and to not overstep boundaries. What are the obstacles to doing business during COVID?

Bruce Hardnett: The challenge the company faced during COVID was not being able to expand our product line. We had to scale back on our merchandise and accessories because many people are working remotely, and the need to dress up is not an option at this point. However, we are still prepped for great success as we continue to build the brand and create a movement. Why the name Get Right?

Jason Crawford: For us, to “get right” is about preparation, as well as motivation to prepare for greatness. We not only wanted to create an amazing fragrance, but also to create a culture that will inspire others by way of self-care, taking time for self-adjustment, and being inspired to come back stronger. “Get Right” exemplifies confidence, feeling good and leadership and displaying these characteristics in your everyday life. Tell us about the social media campaign #CleanTeamGlobal lifestyle movement?

Bruce Hardnett: We wanted to create a movement via social media that will promote a healthy, fashionable and energetic lifestyle for men. That’s how #CleanTeamGlobal was conceptualized. The campaign was also timed with the unveiling of our Clean Team classic scent. For us, being clean is everything—from the strength to overcome challenges and more. It is so important to us to change the negative perception of Black men that is all too present in the media. We believe that our “Get Right” brand will represent the men that we see every day—men with integrity, confidence and style. We want to shift the culture as well as to inspire and mentor young men as they transition into adulthood. What has been the most surprising aspect of the men’s fragrance industry?

Jason Crawford: We realized that women are our biggest consumers. We had to adjust some of our advertising that was geared towards men and place our focus on this target market. Women tend to buy fragrances for their husbands, boyfriends and family members. However, the men who purchase our fragrance are fragrance collectors and are more experienced within the industry or looking to explore and try something new. What has been the biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

Bruce Hardnett: The biggest challenge for the company was the unexpected pandemic. We decided to continue with our campaign right at the start of the pandemic to offset and contribute some positive energy during a time of uncertainty.

We were successful with our first ad, which garnered robust engagement via social media. It found its place in a time where everyone was home, and it added value in the form of entertainment and enlightenment. What is your vision for the brand’s future?

Bruce Hardnett: Once the COVID-19 crisis settles, we plan to continue with our initiative of working with at-risk youth and giving back to the community. We also plan to relaunch our accessory line and look for opportunities to further expand the brand through investors and retail, as well as collaborations with other companies. What’s next?

Jason Crawford: In Mid-September, we are releasing our 50 ML bottle in addition to our current 100 ML as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season.