Never Pay an ATM Fee Again

ATMAccording to a recent survey, the average out-of-network ATM fee hit a record $4.52. That includes the fee your bank charges to use a non-network ATM and the fee the ATM’s owner levies. But some institutions cut you a break. They charge no fees to customers who stray out of network and they reimburse fees that others charge. We found five online banks and credit unions that refund ATM fees and have no minimum balance, monthly fees or other strings attached to get the rebates.

Bank of Internet USA refunds all domestic out-of-network ATM fees on its Rewards, CashBack and Essential checking accounts. If you enroll in online banking and sign up for e-statements at Radius Bank, you’re eligible for its Hybrid or Checking account, both of which reimburse all ATM fees. Alliant Credit Union refunds up to $20 a month in out-of-network ATM fees. Bank5 Connect checking reimburses $15 per statement cycle, and Ally Bank interest checking refunds $10 per statement cycle.

Other institutions reimburse ATM fees if you use your debit card a certain number of times a month and have a direct deposit or bill payment. Among them: Consumers Credit Union Free Rewards Checking, which offers unlimited ATM reimbursement plus an interest rate that was recently as high as 5.1%. Lake Michigan Credit Union Max Checking pays back $15 a month and yields 3%.

(Source: Tribune Content Agency, LLC)