Netflix Seeks To Bring Nonfiction TV

NERFRANCIS MALLMANN LIVES off the grid. Way off the grid. To find him, you?d have to fly to Argentina, drive 100 miles down a dirt road, and enter the Lago La Plata. You?d cross your fingers, row across the lake, and hope to stumble onto his island. If you found him, he?d be drinking red wine, watching an open fire, and grilling the best lamb you?ve ever eaten.

?My big draw in life,? Mallmann might tell you, ?since I was very young was freedom. The freedom of believing only in myself and not letting myself be led by anybody. I wanted to be my own. I wanted to do whatever I wanted.? He lives in Patagonia, cooks over an open flame in the snow, and encourages dinner guests to eat outside under a blanket. Mallmann is a badass?and he?s one of the most renowned chefs in the world.

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