Negotiate Your Job Offer Successfully

Job OffersCongratulations! You interviewed like a pro, followed up and got the job, but now it is time to negotiate your compensation?package. The process does not have to be stressful if you follow these tips to get what you want and deserve.

Keep it Positive
Start by expressing your gratitude for the offer, then keep a positive attitude throughout the negotiation process. Do not?look at it as a battle; both you and and your new employer should benefit. They get a motivated and satisfied team member?while you get a competitive benefits package and salary.

Do Your Homework
Knowing the average salary for your position in your area will make you feel more confident that you are asking for a?reasonable package.

Remind Them of Your Qualifications
Your new boss does not want to hear about your mortgage payments, student loan balance or the cost of your daughter’s braces.?Leave these personal details outside the negotiations and instead focus on your qualifications. Your goal during job offer?negotiations is to show that higher pay will be money well spent, so remind them of how you can boost the company’s?efficiency, save them money or increase business.

Do Not Lowball Yourself
Let your employer give you a number first so you don’t unknowingly lowball yourself. Say you are open based on the overall?benefits, and if pressed, respond with the top of your desired salary range so there is room for negotiation.

Look at the Whole Picture
If the salary is lower than what you hoped for, negotiate benefits in other areas. You may be able to score a more flexible?schedule with a work at home option or more vacation days. Ask about 401(k) matching, tuition reimbursement, health insurance?and child care, then consider the entire package.

Take Your Time
You may feel pressured into accepting an offer on the spot, but do not rush into the decision. If your employer presses you?for an immediate answer, kindly reiterate that you are interested in the position but need time to assess your financial?situation. Give them a time frame for when you will decide and stick to it.

Do Not Settle
The ball is in your court, and one of the biggest ?do’s? of successful job offer negotiations is not settling for less than?you deserve. If you are nervous or shy about asking for more, plan a strategy in advance and practice negotiating with a?friend.