NBA Legend Succeeds in Business

Magic Johnson?Bloomberg Game Changers? is a 45-minute original documentary series, which profiles personalities who have re-defined technology, finance, politics, and culture for our time and the April 5th release of this documentary focuses on Ervin ?Magic? Johnson’s post-NBA career as an entrepreneur.

Johnson founded the Magic Johnson Foundation (MJF) in 1991, which focuses on three strategic priorities: HIV/AIDS awareness, Scholarship, and Community Empowerment centers. A few years later, the birth of the Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) in 1995 helped Johnson to become an even better businessman. MJE acts as a financial investor and creates partnerships with major businesses helping them to grow and become more accessible in urban communities.
According to the MJF website, the HIV/AIDS section provides awareness, prevention, testing, and treatment programs that are designed to help stop the spread of the disease and improve the quality of life. Scholarships are provided by the Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program (TMSP), which was founded in 1998 and was named after Taylor Michaels, the inspiring Chief Operating Officer for Magic Johnson Enterprises who passed away during that year.

In addition, the Community Empowerment Centers provides ethnically diverse urban communities access to resources and programming that educate, empower, and strengthen individuals though the use of technology. The website also states that low-income African-American and Latino children are at high risk of being left behind and overlooked for jobs because they have not received the education and training like other ethnic groups.

“So many people take computer technology for granted because it’s such a major part of our society now, but imagine not having the education or access to computers,? Johnson said.

“Thanks to organizations that have a strong sense of responsibility, my Foundation can come into the community and provide the necessary training and education that kids may not be getting otherwise.”

Through this documentary, people can now see why Johnson is able to achieve a second legacy in business.

View this documentary at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.