Natural vs. Organic- Does It Really Matter?

Organic foodOften, while browsing aisles in your local grocery store, you find yourself wondering if there is a substantial difference between organic and natural food- especially when natural food prices are a bit lower. Even though they often share room on the shelves, in truth, there is no comparison. Natural foods are a shoddy alternative to organic foods. The multi billion dollar organic industry is being infiltrated by companies seeking to capitalize on its explosive growth by using abusive marketing practices. There are many reasons why individuals seek to adhere to an organic diet: avoidance of pesticides, toxic chemicals, and genetically modified foods are some of the most prevalent. Organic foods are also better for the environment. Organic farms are using eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

Unlike organic foods, which are regulated on both the state and federal levels, natural foods are completely unregulated. So, companies are free to slap a natural label on their foods without having to adhere to a set of standards. In fact, a study conducted by the Cornucopia Institute found that major food manufacturers are launching substantial competition against the organic market, but that these companies? natural products are ?contaminated with toxic agrichemicals and Monsanto?s genetically engineered organisms?.?

Specifically, the study revealed that a number of reputable cereal manufacturers have been found to contain harmful ingredients like high fructose corn syrup – additives linked to ADHD and hydrogenated oils. People who are not aware of this have been taken advantage of by companies alleging that their natural food offerings are better and healthier than conventional ones. In truth, the line between natural and conventional food is faint at best, yet the price tag on natural foods is significantly higher.

Purchasing natural foods is essentially throwing money away on products that offer nothing in return and are actually harmful to your wellbeing. Consumers seeking to eat toxin-free food should be wary of the natural label and continue to support farms and companies that are committed to the organic movement.