Natasha Leath


    Natasha Leath?

    Co-founder/Vice President

    Fostering Leadership 4 Young Women Inc.

    New York, NY

    Age: 32



    In high school, Natasha Leath was called ?Ms. Cleveland? in her role as the ?Dear Abby? of the school newspaper, The Cleveland Herald. ?I supported the students anonymously with what was going on in their lives and offered them support however I could,? she says. She does the same today as co-founder and vice president of Fostering Leadership 4 Young Women Inc. ?My goal is to provide a venue for academic and personal enrichment for young women in the foster care system that will create a measurable increase in their everyday success. I passionately believe that no one should be a victim of their circumstance,? she asserts.


    Leath has a bachelor?s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. Mentors, including her sister, Stacey Moore, Dress for Success CEO Joi Gordon, and former employer Peter Goodkind, guided her through the nonprofit world and gave her sound leadership models, helping her to become a trailblazer as a philanthropist and role model for young women. She co-founded Fostering Leadership 4 Young Women with three friends while she was the director of business development at The Goodkind Group, a top staffing firm. ?I am very passionate about making a change within the foster care system,? she says. ?I would like to see more leadership, more professional development and more empowerment, which will allow our young people to phase out of foster care with more confidence, more clarity and a better direction in their lives.??


    Leath mentors at Momentum Teens and volunteers as a panelist for Dress for Success Worldwide. She hopes to travel the world, using her gift as ?motivational spiritualist? to empower and inspire people to gain clarity and purpose in their life. ?This will serve as an opportunity for me to change the world, one person at a time? she muses.