Najah A. Rahmaan


Najah A. Rahmaan 

Director of Operations

Dedica Group

Brooklyn, NY

Age: 35



Najah Rahmaan was unsure of her career trajectory after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing communications at Johnson & Wales University. “I just knew I wanted to be successful, so I was open to exploring different career opportunities, ultimately hoping to land what I considered to be my dream job in advertising and marketing as an advertising executive,” says the Bronx, New York, native. 


After four years in financial services, and another four in operations management, the Delta Sigma Theta soror landed in advertising and marketing at Dedica Group, an award-winning creative, design and marketing agency. Today, she is the agency’s director of operations. “Looking back, I have to say that my diverse career experience is what really prepared me to take on this role of successfully running the company,” she says. “I would definitely suggest that high school students and recent college grads spend time exploring different fields of interest to gain as much relative work experience as they possibly can and determine what they truly have a passion for or might be really good at.” 


Success requires hard work, Rahmaan insists. “My parents instilled in me that there are three ways to get what you want in life: wait for someone to give it to you; take something that doesn’t belong to you; or work hard and earn it. Thankfully, I chose the last option.”  


Rahmaan is a member of the National Action Network, an ambassador for “I Claim It” Women’s Empowerment Network, a volunteer with the Take Care of NYC initiative to feed the homeless initiative, and a board member for The Kids League, which provides educational and leadership programs for inner-city youth. In addition to running Dedica, she runs her own company, NajR Fashion Consulting & Events, whose goal is to “empower the ‘everyday woman’ to look and feel her very best.”