Nadia Garnett Named Vote Director for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Nadia GarnettNadia Garnett was named Vote Director in charge of overall strategy for Hillary Clinton?s presidential campaign.
“We are working as hard as possible to drive as many voters as possible understanding the changing demographics? it’s very important to go through and understand the map that President Obama used to win in 2008 and in 2012 and understanding the role that African-American voters played in those states in particular,” Garnett said recently in an online article.

“We are putting together a well-rounded team here at headquarters and we will also have folks on the ground in the states who will be responsible for African-American outreach as well,” she added.

No stranger to politics, Garnett previously worked as a field director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee?s Independent Expenditure. Before that, she served in several other roles including state desk director for the Democratic National Committee?s Voting Rights Institute; chief of staff at Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies; political tracker at EMILY?s List; and eastern state director for The Atlas Project.??

?Her innovative strategies greatly contributed to the successful election of eight new congressional members,” notes a member of the Clinton campaign.?

Garnett attended Florida State University where she earned a bachelor of science degree in political science and international affairs.????