NABOB Sept. conference to address issues confronting black broadcasters

    The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters 33rd Annual Fall Broadcast Management Conference will be held September 24 – 25, 2009, at the Madison Loews Hotel in Washington DC. The conference will address. The NABOB Conference will also incorporate The Power of Urban Radio Forum.

    The battles against No Urban Dictates and Arbitrons PPM ratings system are expected to be major focus points. Among other topics is the drive to get the Treasury Department to help minority broadcasters emerge intact on the other side of the economic downturn.

    The opening presentation will be made by Robert McDowell, Federal Communications Commissioner.? Other speakers and panelists include:

    Adonis Hoffman, Senior Vice President, American Association of Advertising Agencies
    Brian Knox, Senior Vice President, Katz Media Group
    Sanford Moore, Activist
    Cameilla Ware, VP/ Media Director, Uniworld Group-(Ford, Home Depot)
    Gerald Hawthorn, VP/Media Director- Fuse Advertising( Obama 2008, Anheuser Busch)
    Kay Lucas, SVP/ Media Director- Carol H. Williams Advertising( US Army, Kraft Foods, Nationwide Insurance)
    Creola Kizart-Hampton, President, GreaterWorks! Advertising & PR (Awakened Alternatives Inc., Kingdom Records, Grandma Mauds)
    Farissa Alexander, CEO/ Radio Link Media (its clients include Singleton and Partners,Global Hue,and Owens Morris Communications)
    Edna Kane-Williams, VP/ African American Strategy- AARP
    Alisa Joesph, VP/ African American Marketing Promotion- Wachovia Wells Fargo
    Abana Jacobs, Director of Multicultural Sponsorships & Partnerships- Subaru of North America
    Louis Sigalos, Director of Consumer Affairs, Federal Communications Commission (FCC’s investment in Urban and Hispanic Radio for DTV conversion)

    NABOB has been working with both the White House and Treasury Department to secure emergency financing as many minority broadcasters are running up against creditor covenants. The efforts of Towns, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) and Inner City head Pierre Sutton will be a reviewed and updated at the event.

    Also on the agenda will the associations recent request to automaker BMW to discuss a recently unveiled No Urban Dictate directive for an upcoming MINI Cooper ad campagn.