Mr. Cory Baking Up Success With His Cookies

Mr. CoryTalk about taking the lemonade stand concept to a new level. Mr. Cory’s Cookies, which kidpreneur Cory began selling in front of his home, has gone from zero to 1,000 fast.

Known as Mr. Cory, the kidpreneur started his all-natural cookie company when he was just 5 years old.? And he began it to actually help his mom buy a car. You see, in 2009 Cory told his mother he didn’t want to take the bus to school anymore so he thought of a way to earn money so she could buy a car.? First, he started selling hot cocoa at the Roman Inn in Englewood, NJ, and then later in front of his own home. Soon he added baked items, including cookies (sugar-free oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies ). Cory’s products are made with 75 percent organic ingredients and no preservatives.

Mr. Cory has not only become known for his initiative and his cookies, but also for his high-fashion style. Media immediately picked up on his unique story. He’s even appeared on “Ellen” with Ellen DeGeneres.

Now after he and his mother incorporated the business in 2012, he’s selling more than 1,000 baked goods every weekend. The new goal: save money to attend Princeton University.

Here, Mr. Cory talks to I understand you first came up with the idea to start a business when you and your mother moved to New Jersey from New York City in 2009, and you decided your Mom needed a car. Did you get the car?

Mr. Cory: YES!! Ellen DeGeneres and Ford got us the car!! Why did you expand from selling hot cocoa to the cookie business?

Mr. Cory: I decided to add cookies because they go well with hot cocoa. How do you come up with the cookie recipes?

Mr. Cory: I mix science (ingredients that come together) with math, nature and love which equals magic. Are you surprised at all at the attention you have been receiving?

Mr. Cory: ?Yes, I am surprised. It’s so wonderful! People are so great and so kind and so full of love. How do you juggle school with running a growing business?

Mr. Cory: While I’m in school, my mom handles the business. When I’m out of school, I get updates from my mom. In the summertime, I jump on board and help my mom in all aspects of the business. What are your dreams for the business?

Mr. Cory: I have many dreams for the business. There are many exciting things to come but they are G-14 classified! What are some of your career dreams?

Mr. Cory: My career dreams are to be a chef and an angel investor and also to continue being CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies. How would you describe your style?

Mr. Cory: My style is impeccably fashionable and gentleman-like. What’s next for the business?

Mr. Cory: There are many things to come for Mr. Cory’s cookie clients! Please just sit back, watch and enjoy!

(Photo: Karen E. Seiger)