Moziah Bridges Making The World A Happier Place With Mo’s Bows

MoziahTalk about having an early start. Moziah Bridges launched his unique bow tie company, Mo’s Bows, when he was just nine years old. Now 12, Bridges has built his company into a success–and media favorite. The Memphis-based business has been showcased on such major television shows as the “Today” show, “The Steve Harvey Show,””Fox Business,” and by Melissa Harris Perry on MSNBC.

Bridges had a thing for bow ties but couldn’t find any “cool” ones so he used scrap fabric material from his grandmother to craft his own. And Mo’s Bows certainly stand out from the crowd–they’re fun, funky, colorful, and stylish. “I came up with the idea because I really liked to dress nice when I was little but I couldn’t find any bow ties that I really liked,” he says.

According to Bridges, his family was all for his business venture. “Well, right away they just believed in me,” he says. Bridges says his bow ties are part of his vision to make the world a happier place.

And he’s doing that one store at a time. Mo’s Bows are sold online and at several stores in Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas. “My first call for demand was when people started noticing my bow ties and asked if they are for sale. So I decided to give the people what they want,” says Bridges, who admits some customers and store owners are surprised by his youth. “Yes, they are definitely surprised! I always say, ‘I’m a small guy, but I got a big business’!”

He’s also employing others. “I have 10 people who work with me, some family and some friends plus I have a full-time seamstress,” he says.

In addition to making money, Bridges is using Mo’s Bows as a social movement. He has formed, ?Mo?s Bows Summer Camp.? Each year, he selects a tie whose sales proceeds go to help fund scholarships for kids to go to camps. Bridges got a call from veteran designer Tommy Hilfiger who called to tell Bridges his favorite Mo’ Bows bow tie was the ‘Go Mo Summer Camp bow tie’ from 2013.

There is even a Mo’s Bows breast cancer awareness tie.

But it’s not all work for this budding young businessman. He has to juggle school and being a kid. “I keep up with a very tight schedule and set my own business hours. I really only work when I want to because I still have to be a kid,” he explains. “Actually now, I’m kind of like the face of my brand because I have people who work with me so [I work] just a few hours a week and for interviews.”

Still, he has big plans for Mo’s Bows. Bridges shares his dream, “I plan to have my own clothing line by the time I’m 20 years old and really soon I hope I can partner with other famous designers.”