Most Marketable Job-Related Skills for 2013

job skills, job related skillsSnag your dream job by demonstrating these job-related skills

What job-related skills can help you get hired in 2013? While technical knowledge and expertise is still a big factor in landing you a job, these soft skills can help you shine and dominate over the rest of the competition. What are these skills? Let’s take a deeper look.

Most Marketable Job-Related Skills for 2013

Aside from your technical expertise, what else can help you snag the job you want? Here is a list of some of the most important job-related skills that most prospective employers are looking for:

Critical thinking. Employers are looking for job applicants who can apply their logical thinking and reasoning skills in identifying possible alternative solutions to complex problems as well as in determining their perceived strengths and weaknesses. If you can do it, then you are definitely way ahead of your competition.?

Effective communication skills. It may seem like one of the most basic skills, but not many people have successfully mastered the art of effective communication. Demonstrate your ability by letting your interviewer know what you can do to help them achieve their business goals and you will definitely increase your chances of getting hired for the job. ?

Being a good listener. Having good listening skills can significantly improve your chances of landing your dream job. Employers clearly prefer to hire job applicants who give their full attention to what other people are saying. Without it, even the most talented people will have trouble maintaining a job.

Adaptability and flexibility. Employers need people who are eager to learn new skills. They need people who do not have any trouble adapting to changes. Do you have these skills? If you don’t, then you may want to start changing your mindset to successfully snag a job. ?

Integrity and work ethic. A strong work ethic clearly separates the good from the bad, so let your prospective employers know that you have it. Show that you are willing to work until the job is done and that you are willing to lend a hand to bring a project to completion.

Teamwork. The ability to work harmoniously in a team environment is a definite plus. Let your prospective employer know that you can work with a team and that you have the ability to lead it, if needed. Indicate past successes to highlight your capabilities.

Monitoring. Employers also prefer individuals who are capable of monitoring their own performance and taking the necessary measures to improve or correct their work.?

These job-related skills can definitely improve your chances of landing a job so you may want to start thinking about how you can let your prospective employers know that you have everything they are looking for. For all you know, it may be all you need to snag that job!