The Most Downloaded Apps

APPRemember when Facebook forced you to download its standalone messaging app, Messenger, by revoking access to messages from within its flagship app? Turns out that strategy worked swimmingly for the social network: A new report by app analytics firm App Annie says Messenger is one of the most downloaded iOS apps of all time.

Messenger is second only to Facebook’s flagship app, and is followed by popular apps like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Maps. Below are the top 10 most downloaded apps, as per App Annie:

FacebookMessengerYouTubeInstagramSkypeWhatsAppFind My iPhoneGoogle MapsTwitteriTunes U

In other words, Facebook-owned apps account for 40% of the list; both Instagram and WhatsApp were acquired by the company within the past three years.

Facebook recently spruced up Messenger with peer-to-peer payments and a personal assistant called M. The goal? To make Messenger a one-stop shop for all your communication needs.

The most popular apps in terms of revenue, however, are far more varied, and the only overlap between the two lists is Skype:

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