Monica L. Burch

Vice President, Credit Manager, PNC Bank N.A. Cherry Hill, N.J. Age: 36

As vice president credit manager at PNC Bank N.A., Monica L. Burch executes strategies to mitigate risk, maximize profitability and maintain high-quality assets in client portfolios while meeting each client?s individual needs. A graduate of Spelman College with an MBA in marketing from the University of Maryland, College Park, her customers include corporations earning $30 million to $500 million in annual sales.

?I always give credit to God and my parents, Martha and Robert Burch, [for my success]? she says. ?My faith has sustained me through different life experiences and my parents have always been my biggest cheerleaders.? Mentors were equally important. Indeed, her mantra ? ?The world owes you nothing. If you want something, make it happen? ? is taken from the counsel of a mentor.

Now a mentor herself, Burch works with girls ages 9 to 11 in the Girls Inc. Discovery Leadership Program. She is also a board member of the Ivy Legacy Foundation, which provides support to underserved communities in the Greater Philadelphia area. ?I am an active participant in organizations and events that allow me to support initiatives that make a difference in the lives of others,? Burch says.

Developing and enhancing relationships with individuals and organizations are critical for personal and professional growth and ultimately career success, Burch contends, as are speaking up and volunteering, instead of waiting for someone to acknowledge and reward your skills. She hopes to continue her quest for excellence through community development and partnerships with not-for-profit organizations.

Quote: “Faith makes things possible, not easy.”

Fun Facts
Favorite food:
Seafood paella
Facebook or LinkedIn: Facebook
Favorite sports team: Philadelphia Eagles
What artist would you go on tour with: New Edition
Jeans and T-shirt or suit: Jeans and T-shirt
First job: The Martin Luther King Academy Summer Feeding Program
Favorite comedian: Jamie Foxx
SUV or Hybrid: Luxury Hybrid