Money Management Tips for Freelancers: Make Every Dollar Count

money management, money management tips, freelancersProper money management ? your key to freelancing success

Proper money management is perhaps one of the biggest challenges every freelancer faces. Making sure that there is enough money coming in to meet your daily needs while trying to save something for a rainy day, not to mention saving a little extra for your retirement, can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish. In fact, it is one of the reasons why most freelancers fail.

To make sure you don’t join the ranks of those who are forced to return to the workplace, here are some money management tips that may help you succeed in your chosen career path.?

Money Management Tips for Freelancers

Monitor your finances. Stay on top of your finances. Know how much you earn on a monthly basis no matter how unpredictable and erratic your cash flow may be. You should likewise know how much you should charge to make a decent income.

Don’t spend all your money. Since your income fluctuates on a monthly basis, you should never spend all your money the moment you earn it. Sure, it will take a lot of discipline and willpower on your part but it can definitely be a lifesaver when times get tough. However, this is not to say that you should deny yourself of the things you value the most.?

Save something for a rainy day. You’ll be glad if you do.?

Find ways to cut costs. Look for simple ways to save on recurring purchases. If you find yourself with some free time on your hands, consider researching for better deals. Remember, a little savings goes a long, long way.

Pay yourself. Put your freelancing income in a bank account after setting the required amount for your taxes and retirement aside. Take what you need to pay your bills and other necessities and leave the rest in your account.

Be ready for delays. While some clients pay in advance, some pay after the work is done while others pay on a more regular schedule. As such, you should be ready for any surprises. Not every client pays on schedule or as soon as you send the deliverables so make sure you have enough money saved to tide you over for at least another 30 days.?

To help reduce the impact of payment delays, consider charging a reasonable down payment. This can help you manage your cash flow better and protect you against any untoward surprises. ?

Use appropriate apps. ?Get into the habit of using time tracking and invoicing apps to keep on top of the time you spend on your projects and to help you determine your appropriate hourly rate.

So, there you have it ? the secrets to better money management. Follow these tips and you will surely master the ability to manage your freelancing income more effectively.