Moms Know Best: Rules For Mompreneurs To Live By

CharismaWith the number of women-owned businesses on the rise, many of them are run by moms–or mompreneurs. In fact, according to an American Express OPEN State of Women-Owned Businesses report while number of businesses in the U.S. increased by 34 percent, the number of women-owned firms increased by 50 percent between 1997 and 2011. Male-owned business grew only 25 percent; businesses owned by women grew to represent ?49 percent of all U.S. firms.

But owning a business and being a mother takes a great deal of time management. Mompreneur Charisma DeZonie, founder of Life Zone Cafe and a distributor for Organo Gold, gives some tips that not only work for mompreneurs but for working moms as well.

Before Launching Your Business

??? ???? Get help: If you need someone to watch the kids or to take care of the household chores, get help. Hire someone or enlist family and friends
??? ???? Team work: Make sure you discuss your plans with your family and let them know what your schedule will be like. You will need the family to be on board with your goals.

How To Start The Day

Awake with a sense of purpose–and rise early. “The best way to start your day is early,” she says. “I get up with the mindset that I am going to do something wonderful. ?I am happy, thankful and excited that I have the opportunity to share my talents and be of service to someone else.”

??? ???? Have your day mapped out: “What you put in you mind, body and soul is what you get out,” says DeZonie. ” Don?t waste time in the morning laying in the bed, looking at the ceiling wondering what you are going to do today. ?Calendar out your month, plan ahead and make it a point to stick and stay on task.”
??? ???? Visualize: “I have vision board. ?The pictures you create in your mind are important,” says DeZonie. “I have created postings and collages amongst my home of pictures and sayings of everything that I want in my life.”
??? ???? Have a healthy breakfast: While everyone’s diet differs, it important not to skip breakfast–even if you are busy. “I start my day, every waking day with a cup of coffee; since coffee is my business. Not to mention the health component that my product has,” notes DeZonie. “Therefore, it is beneficial to me that I make sure to feed my body with something healthy and rejuvenating. ?I am ?a product of my products.”
??? ???? Get inspired: Take time to read or listen to music to start our day off. “I read aloud at least 10 pages of personal development or listen to something as I start my morning. ?It is important to me that what I read or listen to is something that is going to make a lasting, positive imprint to help motivate me toward my desired goal,” says DeZonie.

Have A Productive Day

After you have planned your day, take action.

??? ???? Keep the faith: You may get overwhelmed, but take things step by step and believe in what you can accomplish. “I believe that I believe bigger than anyone else. ?I know that my business is the biggest thing that I have ever done in my life and I will not allow someone else?s disbelief allow my beliefs to be challenged,” says DeZonie.
??? ???? Stay focused: Stay on your mission and don’t allow yourself to get distracted. ” I don?t spend productive time with unproductive people. ?Spend your time and energy in the right places with the right people,” says DeZonie.
??? ???? Establish a work ethic: Just because you may be working at home, it doesn’t mean it’s not work. Treat it professionally. “Always be in activity so you can develop your skills. ?Model what other successful people have done so that you can duplicate and replicate,” she says.

Wrap Up Your Day
How you end your day is just as important as how you begin your day. “How you start is how you finish. ?When I turn in for the night, I start with a read. ?I then give thanks and praise for another day of being given the opportunity to sow a seed,” shares DeZonie. “There is power in the word; I speak life over my family, business, friends and finances. ?I fall asleep with my earphones in my ears listening to self development. ?Even in sleep through my subconsciousness I fill my mind with information and motivation on how to be successful in life, business and most importantly how to be of value to someone else.”