On This MLK Day, Congressman John Lewis’s Memoir, March

Photo of John Lewis and MLKAs we celebrate the monumental achievements of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., check out Congressman John Lewis?s memoir, March. Lewis, a lifelong civil rights leader who marched with MLK, co-wrote the book, which was published in August 2013 during the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. In it, Lewis describes his first-hand, graphic account of the Jim Crow days and segregation.

MLK was assassinated in 1968, but Lewis continued working on the fight to end legalized racial discrimination against African Americans.

On this day of remembrance of the life of MLK, the Washington Post editorial board wrote a piece that ?looks at the cost of being a catalyst for change”:

?The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was seen by some as a radical and a troublemaker. The truth is that he had considerable faith in America. He believed that when people saw the unfairness of the caste system that had grown up in their country ? in a nation founded on the principles of equality before the law, the opportunity to advance in life according to one?s merits, the right to choose the people who govern us ? they would understand how truly un-American it was and it would all come to an end, and much of it has.?

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