Minority Students in Chicago Get a Boost from Tutoring Labs

Students being TutoredA new tutoring program sponsored by the University of Chicago Urban Education Lab has helped to close the gap among struggling students in the Chicago area.?
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Urban Education Lab have announced that they will increase the number of students permitted to attend the Match Education initiative, an intervention program designed to improve standardized test scores and increase high school graduation rates.

The study, which so far has been implemented at William R. Harper High School on Chicago?s South Side, has proven to be a success.??

According to an article in the NY Times, ?the study, conducted by a team led by Jens Ludwig, the co-director of the University of Chicago Urban Education Lab, provided a program of intense tutoring, in combination with group behavioral counseling, to a group of low-income ninth- and 10th-grade African-American youths with weak math skills, track records of absences or disciplinary problems. Those students learned in an eight-month period the equivalent of what the average American high school student learns in math over three years of school, as measured by standardized test scores, over and above what a similar group of students who did not receive the tutoring or counseling did.?

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