Millionaire Techie Jaylen Bledsoe to Launch Young Entrepreneurs University

Jaylen Bledsoe17-year old tech entrepreneur Jaylen Bledsoe, who made headlines four years ago when his website design business was reportedly valued at $3.5 million, has plans to launch a new initiative called the Young Entrepreneur University.

A program for teenagers where Bledsoe would “teach students the concepts and fundamentals of building a business, based on the idea of innovating for people,? the University will roll out a digital curriculum of online courses designed to motivate teens to become business people.

“It’s more like crafting young people in our society to be entrepreneurs,” Bledsoe said. “Entrepreneurship is a hot topic right now for young college students trying to find their way, but that’s the youngest age in which efforts extend to. If I can use my story to motivate, inspire and push a young person who may be lost in life, then that’s my purpose.”

According to Urban News, Bledsoe has been accepted at Stanford University and plans to study international business and psychology.

And he has big plans for his future. ?I want to be the go-to guy for digital strategy and business development among celebrities and Fortune 500 companies,” Bledsoe said.

So far, he?s off to a great start. He has partnered with AT&T and K-Swiss.