Microsoft Doubles Storage on Xbox One Ahead of Gaming Trade Show

XboxMicrosoft will release an edition of its Xbox One that comes with one terabyte ? 1,000 gigabytes ? of hard drive space, double the gaming console?s previous capacity of 500 GB.

The console will be shipped to retailers in the U.S. beginning June 16, the first day of the E3 gaming trade show in Los Angeles. Shipments to unspecified other markets will follow later in the month.

The announcement wasn?t much of a surprise; a 1TB Xbox One appeared for sale on earlier this month.

The announcement comes as video games chew up an increasing amount of hard drive space. The latest installment of the ?Call of Duty? and ?Grand Theft Auto? franchises on Xbox clock in at more than 45 gigabytes.

The 1TB Xbox One will be available for $399, the same price as Sony?s 500 GB PlayStation 4. Microsoft said in a blog post that it would keep the price on its 500 GB model at $349 in the U.S., the U.K., and scattered Asian countries, making permanent a discount the company had deployed off and on.

Microsoft on Tuesday also announced the fall release of an adapter that will allow users of Microsoft?s upcoming Windows 10 operating system to pair an Xbox controller wireless to a PC or tablet. The adapter will cost $24.99, or $79.95 when bundled with an Xbox controller.

Expect more announcements to filter out to feed the hype before E3. Microsoft and Sony are both scheduled to host events to show off new games and other goodies on Monday, the day before the conference?s official opening.

(Source: TNS)