Michelle Obama appears in ‘Snackpocalypse’

First lady Michelle Obama doesn’t approve: “Don’t you hate when trailers give away the whole movie?” she says, sitting on the couch with two staffers while chomping on a carrot. “Can’t we just watch ‘Frozen’ again?”

Instead she watched parts of a horror flick on the degradation of American’s health as junk-food eating and soda-drinking teens turn into sick zombies after gorging themselves with sugary foods and drinks.
A debate over new ‘Let’s Move!’ rules

Yes, it’s a joke. It’s a new video on the comedy website Funny or Die. The first lady’s brief appearance in “Snackpocalpyse,” a spoof thriller with actors Chlo? Grace Moretz and Tyler Posey in a post-apocalyptic modern-day high school where junk food kills the students, falls in line with her focus on healthy eating and her Let’s Move! campaign.

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