Michele Moore

Senior vice president, Marketing and Communications, National Urban League, New York City

As senior vice president of marketing and communications at the National Urban League, Michele Moore directs and executes all marketing and communications efforts that brand her organization, overseeing the marketing, public relations, conferences and publications departments. She has successfully developed and implemented a new strategy to modernize the National Urban League. Her initiatives include updating the logo and graphic design, and launching a magazine aimed at community-conscious young professionals.

Moore holds a B.A. degree in communication studies from UCLA and a J.D. degree from Howard University School of Law. She is also a member of The Links and Alpha Kappa Alpha. The former Nickelodeon and BET executive has garnered numerous awards, including two Beacon Awards and a fellowship from the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

Moore credits much of her success to the strong foundation her mother provided, teaching Moore the value of hard work and integrity. She also acknowledges former colleague Jackie Vines, who taught her ?to invest in people?s skills to build their careers, not just their jobs.? Moore also credits Urban League President Marc Morial with teaching her that ?mentoring others to succeed really enhances your own value professionally and personally.? She has taken Morial?s philosophy to heart and is dedicated to mentoring others professionally.

Moore is proud that her work in communications and public relations has influenced public opinion and created positive images of African-American communities and leaders. She is an avid art collector, who, given the time and opportunity, would travel worldwide to collect pieces from various cultures and promote ways for young artists to have their work displayed and appreciated. Her mantra is ?There are no real problems,
just challenges that create opportunities for self- discovery.?