Michael Jordan Not Bringing Same Passion to the Owner’s Box

Mike JordanWhen Michael Jordan was a player, few argued that he wasn’t the hardest working player in the NBA. He got to his position as the greatest in the game by putting in the extra hours shooting jump shots and honing his craft when others were relaxing. Now that he’s in the owner’s box of the Charlotte Bobcats, he may not be putting the same amount of work into his job.

Charlotte has struggled out of the gate to the worst record in the league this year. They’ve won only 7 games out of 54 this season. They are poised to have the best chance at the number one pick in the league this year and they don’t have a lot of talent on the roster to give hope for future seasons.

Jordan doesn’t seem to be his old self when it comes to running a franchise. Many times, he’s not even in the building during games and recently, he was hosting a celebrity golf tournament in Vegas while his team was struggling to be competitive back home.

While the Bobcats are far from a lost cause, many are speculating that Jordan is contemplating leaving the team. He recently said that he is committed to building the Bobcats into a contender in the future. However, his actions and his words don’t seem to be matching up.

Unless Jordan’s team finds a leader soon, they may not be able to transform into a competitive franchise in the near future. Jordan and his fellow executives are going to have to start doing a lot better at finding talent in the draft and in free agency if they plan on winning in the NBA. Otherwise, they’ll continue to be one of the joke franchises in the NBA until Jordan ultimately decides to sell the team.

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