Michael Eric Dyson to Teach Jay-Z 101


Michael Eric DysonThis fall semester at Georgetown University, students were given the chance to study the social commentary behind the lyrical content of rapper Jay-Z in a class called Sociology of Hip-Hop: Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z. Michael Eric Dyson, a professor who has taught classes on music greats such at Marvin Gaye and Tupac, believes that Jay-Z’s work is the perfect way to study sociological issues including racial and gender identity, sexuality, capitalism, and economic inequality in America.

Dyson believes that Jay-Z is in fact “an icon of American excellence”, having grown up in a poor housing project in Brooklyn and now being a millionaire. The course has a midterm and a final examination and includes readings from Jay-Z’s book, “Decoded”. The class focuses more on African-American culture and business and less on the rapper’s personal biography.

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