Miami Teacher Turns Trayvon Martin Killing Into a ?Teaching Moment?

MitchellFor Clinton Mitchell, former attorney and teacher at Miami Carol City Senior High, the killing of Trayvon Martin was not in vain. In his ethics class in the school?s law program, Mitchell, 27, teaches his students a lesson on image and perception.

The students, who are preparing for a mock trial, have spent the past two classes pulling apart the facts of the case and examining those facts as jurors would. One student spoke for her peers in saying the incident is ?making us grow up to see society as what it is. It?s not fair. Everything that should happen doesn?t happen. Some things you have to fight for to make a difference.?

And fight they did. In the wake of last month?s shooting, 1,000 students, most of whom are 17 years of age, left the building and marched in the streets of Miami in protest of the injustice.??

Last week, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill) was booted from the House floor for wearing a ?hoodie?. Celebrities, athletes, politicians and activists around the nation have followed suit and held their own forms of protest. For the students of Carol City High and other students at surrounding area schools, tributes and peaceful protests abounded.?

What Mitchell, who admits to being stopped by police for absolutely no reason, other than ?being black? as one student describes, wants students to take away from the class is the idea that ?justice is for everyone?.????

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