Mexican army finds 148-acre marijuana plantation

MEXICO CITY (AP) ? Mexican soldiers have found a series of marijuana fields covering 148 acres (60 hectares) in the northern state of Durango, the army said Monday.

The army patrol also found 40 metric tons (44 U.S. tons) of harvested marijuana at the plantation in Mexico’s “golden triangle” region, an area known for drug cultivation and trafficking.

The Defense Department said in a statement that the plantation found Saturday included a processing lab and five camps, apparently for workers or guards at the fields.

The planted and harvested plants together could have amounted to 100 tons of marijuana, which the Defense Department said was worth $1.55 billion pesos ($133 million).

The discovery comes almost two weeks after soldiers found what the army describes as the biggest pot plantation ever detected in Mexico, a 300-acre (120 hectare) field in the state of Baja California.